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We prepare youth and young adults with applicable skills
to obtain high-wage employment and the ability to
manage their own business enterprise.
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Non-Profit Environmentalist of the Year 2014

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Giving Youth An Eco-Advantage!
Green Tech conducts weekly classroom instruction, green tours and comprehensive adult/peer mentoring. Our program is based on preparing youth for careers that contribute to energy efficiency, renewable energy and overall efforts to develop sustainable communities.

Green Tech Students are taught the core element of “Going Green” is to improve health conditions for all humans sharing the earth. Our goal is to develop quality business development and workforce skills for a cleaner environment through smart social, economic and human development strategies.

Green Tech connects young adults to high-wage jobs in the emerging clean, green market sector. Considered the fastest growing economic sector in the world, green technology is the fifth largest growth industry in the U.S.  

New environmental initiatives developing renewable energy and energy efficiency will spur more than 100,000 jobs in California and 37 million jobs nationwide.  

Green Tech builds specialized green skills preparing its students to secure gainful employment in building design, construction trades, environmental management, science and engineering.

  1. Managing Director


Teaching Urban Farming, Forestry and Aquaponics (TUFFA)
Every Tuesday & Thursday - 3:00pm - 6:00pm Every Saturday - 10:00am - 1:00pm 4309 38th Street, Sacramento, CA 95820

Web Builders Boot Camp
(Computer Programming)
Every Saturday - 10:00am to 1:00pm
Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative, Room 34
4625 44th Street, Sacramento, CA 95820
Sacramento County Office Of Education

Clean Energy  Career  Workshop
Gerber Jr/Sr High School
8401 Gerber Rd.
North Area Community School
4000 Pinell Street, Sacramento, CA 95838
Friday - 10:00am-12:00pm
Thank you for your generous, continued support of Green Technical Education and Employment. With your help, we have made huge strides for both the future of our planet and our next generation.​​​​

Ten years ago, we realized we had to help lead the community in a fight for a more positive future. I realized the burden of climate change and the rising rates of pollution lie heavily on our shoulders. We see the consequences of pollution every day, not only in our environment, but in the physical health of our loved ones as rates of asthma and cancer increase. Near the end of 2008 I also realized our youth will be the ones who will have be the recipients of our planets peril and the climate heroes to mitigate our environmental health dilemma.

Green Tech has now reached more than 400 students with workforce training programs in the areas of aquaponics and urban agriculture, solar technology, entrepreneurship, computer programming, energy efficiency and pre-apprentice construction. Last year, six more students were employed with the assistance of the Green Tech program and three more graduated from High School, two entered college and three more received their driver’s license.

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Everything About Green Tech Educational Programs
  1. Teaching Urban Farming
    The TUFFA program offers youth an outdoor learning laboratory for students interested in growing their own food, landscaping and urban farm maintenance. Participating students are introduced to the foundation of agriculture and environmental sciences.
  2. Aquaponics
    Students learn the process of aquaculture and growing vegetables with the use of fish waste as an organic form of food production. They are introduced to harvest for consumption, sales and culinary arts.
  3. Solar Technology
    Introduction to solar (photovoltaic-PV) technology offers aptitude aligned with the NABCEP Entry Level Exam Learning Objectives. We build solar arrays, mounting solar modules on makeshift roofs and test to determine aptitude of general PV concepts harnessing the sun for electricity conversion.
  4. Business Entrepreneur Training
    We nurture Youth Entrepreneurship, introducing students to basic business principles including developing a business plan, determining efficient products or services, creating budgets and exploring various marketing strategies.
  5. Computer Programming
    Intro to computer programming and coding for youth ages 12-19. Students learn basic computer commands, html, java script and CSS. Students are introduced to computer concepts in animation and graphic arts as starting blocks to more complex computer engineering and science techniques.
  6. Classroom Instruction
    An overview of the Green Collar Economy. We offer presentations on emerging principles in manufacturing, construction trades, public utilities, transportation and environmental protection careers. Lessons include soft skills, vocabulary exercises and workforce ethics.
  7. Pre Apprentice Construction
    Intro to labor and the construction trades. Students learn basic tool-identification and proper use, construction math, safety and OSHA 10 training with hands-on building projects including, framing, planter boxes and tool sheds.
  8. Laboratory Projects
    Students build and develop projects from conception to completion. Students learn various manufacturing and construction concepts with the emphasis on reducing human impact on the environment.
  9. Green Tech Tours
    Students experience innovative, state-of- the-art technology and real-life exposure to the emerging clean energy economy. We visit professional businesses that incorporate a form of clean energy and green, environmentally friendly principles in their business model.
We prepare youth and young adults with applicable skills to obtain high-wage employment
and the ability to manage their own business enterprise.