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We prepare youth and young adults with applicable skills
to obtain high-wage employment and the ability to
manage their own business enterprise.
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Non-Profit Environmentalist of the Year 2014

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Green Tech Friends

Friends of Green Tech collaborate to offer unique learning experience in the emerging clean energy industry. 
A few of our Green Friends  are listed below.

Friends of Green Tech

Green Technical Education & Employment is a nonprofit for public benefit organization registered as a 501c3 corporation. The Green Tech program is sustained by generous charitable donations from businesses, individuals and contrancts. Many of our fiscal and in-kind supporters are listed here.

We encourage you to join the Green Tech team in our efforts to increase High School and College graduation rates, develop workforce ethics and 21st century skills sets. Our career technical education program provides training and prepartion for modern day job opporuntities. 

Your contribution supports the development of  training in Urban Agriculture, landscape and property maintenance, pre-apprentice construction, solar installation and theory, building energy efficieincy, and computer programming. We offer soft skills training, entrepreneurship and work readiness skills. Our goal is to prepare each student for job placement or business ownership.  




Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) is a community-based oganization charged with providing quality workforce skills, education and healthy strategies to maintain sustainable communities.

Green Tech non-profit collaborates with community partners to stimulate economic development by means of academic and professional engagement of high school students and young adults from economically disadvantaged communities.
Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) trains and develops pupils with emerging green collar skills, preparing them for careers in building design and construction trades, science, entrepreneurship and engineering. We introduce them to green skills, focusing on clean energy, environmental protection and energy efficiency to provide career opportunities for youth from traditionally underserved communities. 
Green Tech is committed to job creation, training, career development and entrepreneurial opportunities in the clean energy economy. We develop sustainable communities with innovative economic development strategies. Our mission is to train and develop people with emerging green collar skills, introducing them to building design and construction trades, science, technology and engineering. Green Tech activities emphasize environmental protection to provide career opportunities for youth from low-income and disadvantaged communities. Green Tech develops workforce skills and improves overall health conditions by reducing human impact on the environment.